This is a second and  final  call for  M.Ed and B.Ed. second year students to appear for SHARP PLUS (Students’ Holistic Appraisal Recharge Programme) on 2nd June, 2017 in  the college at 10:15am . All the micro groups incharges and M.Ed  Dissertation supervisors are compulsorily required to ensure the presence of their students.  A strict action will be taken against  absentees .

Objective of SHARP PLUS

To provide holistic and accurate appraisal of strengths, weaknesses and perceptions to students and equip them with the knowledge of life skills for better future.


Students are instructed to get SHARP PLUS  Proforma   from the library not  later than 27th May,2017  .

Students must properly read ,understand and then completely fill the SHARP PLUS proforma in a legible handwriting.

Students must bring completely filled SHARP PLUS Proforma on the date of SHARP PLUS Interview ( 2nd June,2017).

Students must come prepared for  interview session.

Students have to bring three colored passport  size photographs.

Students have to bring two copies of their resume on the date of SHARP PLUS

An Oath cum Valedictory Ceremony ( IMPRESSIONS) will be organized for the B.Ed.  and M.Ed final year students on 3rd June,2017 in the college at 10:00 am.  B.Ed. and M.Ed final year students are requested to compulsorily  attend the  Oath cum Valedictory Ceremony.