Managing Director

Mr. Gandharav Singh Pathania


Executive Director

Mr. Balbinder Singh Pathania



In this globalized era, the youth needs to be empowered and enlightened through process of learning to internalize the facts and to disseminate the information for the betterment of the society contributing to the nation development. Dronacharya PG College, Rait has been consistently striving for quality and excellence in education since its inception in 2006 and has been successful in taking forward the vision which is reflected in the college’s motto, “Where knowledge is created, not just communicated.”
The Academic excellence, holistic education, global relevance and values continue to be the corner stone of Dronacharya PG College ,Rait. We believe that promotion of human values and student wellbeing is the platform for success in life. Teaching for wellbeing at Dronacharya college involves the principles of Positive Education, where our focus is on developing the skills for academic achievement alongside building skills to support lifelong wellbeing.

We are whole heartedly committed to the process of building an academic culture that is based on norms of merit and is essential to create outstanding institution. The college has an excellent track record in academics, in cultural and sports activities. The institution is a hub providing quality learning experiences to enhance the inner potentials, skills and capacities of pupils into personality development. We strive to bring the best out of our students through significant deliberations and exposure, creating a life time experience to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of the youth to empower them to assume leadership, market acceptability and be socially responsible.
We welcome you for an enriching and rewarding experience.