Bachelor of Computer Applications

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 Computer Science
Course Duration : 3 Years
Total Seats: 60
HOD: Mr. Rajesh Singh Rana
Phone : +91-80910 32055
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BCA is an undergraduate program where students get ample exposure to various areas of computer application including the latest developments to keep pace with the industry. The course has been designed to empower the participants with quality education focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and bench-marked management techniques. The program is affiliated to HPU Shimla and was introduced in 2008 at our college.

Program Objective

The primary objective of this program is to provide a foundation of computing principles and business practices for effectively using/managing information systems and enterprise software. It helps students analyse the requirements for system development and exposes students to business software and information systems. This course provides students with options to specialize in legacy application software, system software or mobile applications.


There are wide-ranging options for the graduates who have completed BCA ranging from Software Engineering and Development, Hardware and Networking, Research and Development, Services and Application Support, etc. Students get easily captivated in organizations at entry-level positions like Trainee Programmer, Software – Tester, Analyst, Engineer, Administrator, DBA and Programmer.

Careers Options

Government: Many government information technology companies and government like BHEL, NSDL, MTNL and BSNL are hiring BCA graduates.

Private: Several reputed companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys,Tech Mahindra, Convergys are recruiting BCA graduates.

Also students at Dronacharya College get a chance to Earn while Learn Wipro WASE program gives an opportunity to do M.Tech. degree from BITS pilani along with Job where student gets stipend upto Rs. 23000/- per month.


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The detailed course outline for BCA program is given below which is subject to any change by the Board of Studies approved by Academic Council & executive council of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. Bachelor of Computer Application is  three years under graduate course spread over six semesters. Fee and Funds for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Rs. 46,800 annually University Charges as per existing rule of HP University, Hostel Fees Rs. 55,000 annually.

Semester Course Code Course Name
First BCA0101 Mathematics-I
First BCA0102 Applied English
First BCA0103 Computer Fundamentals
First BCA0104 C Programming
First BCA0105 Office Automation Tools
First BCA0104(P) C Programming Lab-I
First BCA0105(P) Office Automation Tools Lab-II
Second BCA0201 Mathematics-II
Second BCA0202 Communicative English
Second BCA0203 Digital Electronics
Second BCA0204 Data Structures
Second BCA0205 Data Base Management System
Second BCA0204 (P) Data Structures Lab-III
Second BCA0205 (P) Data Base Management System Lab-IV
Third BCA0301 Mathematics III
Third BCA0302 Business Practices and Management
Third BCA0303 Computer Organization
Third BCA0304 Object Oriented Programming with C
Third BCA0305 Desktop Publishing and Designing
Third BCA0304 (P) Object Oriented Programming with C Lab-V
Third BCA0305 (P) Desktop Publishing and Designing Lab-VI
Fourth BCA0401 Personnel Management
Fourth BCA0402 Accounting
Fourth BCA0403 System Analysis and Design
Fourth BCA0404 Internet Technology
Fourth BCA0405 Programming in Visual Basic
Fourth BCA0404 (P) Internet Technology & Web Page Design Lab-VII
Fourth BCA0405 (P) Programming in Visual Basic Lab-VIII
Fifth BCA0501 Operating System
Fifth BCA0502 E-Commerce
Fifth BCA0503 Management Information System
Fifth BCA0504 Technologies
Fifth BCA0505 Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
Fifth BCA0504 (P) Technologies Lab-IX
Fifth BCA0505 (P) Computer Oriented Statistical Methods Lab-X
Sixth BCA0601 Computer Networks
Sixth BCA0602 Numerical Methods
Sixth BCA0603 Multimedia Technology
Sixth BCA0604 Computer Graphics
Sixth BCA0605 Software Engineering
Sixth BCA0604 (P) Computer Graphics Lab-XI
Sixth BCA0606 Major Project
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Teaching Methodologies Learning methodology emphasizes contemporary information and knowledge, personal and professional skill development, student - driven methodology, thinking and articulation, peer learning and leadership development. Live Project training: After receiving the additional technical training students work throughput the semester on real life projects using the new technology and theories. This helps the students in implementing their knowledge and learning. Workshops: Workshops on educational skills, personality development and practical training in different areas. Educational Tours: Visit to Educational/Historic places to enhance educational prudence of the students and broaden their knowledge base. Industry Exposure: Industry field trips are organized for students to help them understand how the big industries and companies. The students get a real exposure to the work culture, tools and technologies used by various companies and industry. Mentor System: Counseling and guidance session to help students in solving personal and academic problems. Preparing for competitive examination: With increasing competition among students, entrance examinations have become a transparent and dependable method. A professional approach has been taken while providing coaching to the candidates. Highly knowledgeable and experienced Resource Persons for Common Aptitude Test , Management Aptitude Test & Common Entrance Test have been engaged for BBA & BCA students. Emphasis on English language: The study of English language in this age of globalization is essential. Communicating in English is essential for one’s professional growth. So, we at Dronacharya emphasize to speak in English in campus which is mandatory for all. Parent’s Engagement: We believe parents play an important role towards the overall development of a child, so from time to time we keep conducting parent’s teacher meetings and keep them updated through SMS, letter with our curriculum and system. Action Research: Dronacharya College undertakes action research in educational, emotional, vocational problems as to facilitate better understanding of the students and their problems.

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Session Semester Students Position
2013-2016 Third Semester First Position: Ekta Chadda CGPA: 78.17
Second Position: Diksha Choudhary CGPA: 78.06
Third Position: Gourav Baloria CGPA: 75.27
2015-2018 First Semester First Position: Samiriti Kashyap CGPA: 8.24
Second Position: Shivani Rana CGPA: 7.44
Third Position: Rishab Diwan CGPA: 6.86
2014-2017 Third Semester First Position: Tamanna Banta CGPA: 8.12
Second Position: Ritesh Walia CGPA: 8.07
Third Position: Puja Sharma CGPA: 8.03
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SWAT CLUB : SWAT (Student Working on Advance Technology) Club is constituted to make students aware about the latest computer technologies .The club members learn various advanced IT related technologies.