Master of Education

Dronacharya PG College of Education offers Master of Education program and it aims to prepare professionals for career in education and teaching. The programme envisage to develop educators with local and global perspective. College is committed to develop research skills and competencies in the future teachers, administrators and policy makers. The future teachers are meticulously grounded in current educational theory and research, consistent with national standards and become exemplary practitioner in their field with commitment to innovation and experimentation. The College is committed to preparing practitioners who will be leaders in educational improvement and reform. The first session of M.Ed. course commenced in 2013, with an intake of 35 students.

Research related Workshops, Conferences, Guest lectures, Seminars are a regular feature in the college to widen intellectual horizon of the pupils. The college prepares teachers who are equipped with required skills and competencies to meet the challenges of the future. The whole some development of the teacher trainees is taken care of through personality development programmes, yoga and enlightened talks by the renowned personalities.

Eligibility:- The admission to M.Ed. will be made on the basis of marks obtained in entrance test conducted by Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.



Master of Education (M Ed) is a post graduate degree programme that deals with the study of methodology of educational research and social and psychological foundations of the discipline. The course is witnessing immense popularity with increasing need of research in the educational field.


Teaching Jobs in schools as TGT and PGT (After passing Teacher Eligibility Test)

Faculty in Colleges and Universities (After passing State Eligibility Test/National Eligibility Test)

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Department: Education

Course Commence In: September

Course Duration: 2 Years

Total Seats: 50

HOD: Dr. Praveen Sharma

Phone: +91 94186 76294


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Master of Education

Teaching Methodology

1. Learning methodology emphasizes contemporary information and knowledge, personal and professional skill development, student – driven methodology, thinking and articulation, peer learning and leadership development. 2. Regular Life Skills and Training are organized for students of all classes. Emphasis is given on guiding the students to find direction and purpose in life.Spiritual and Meditation classes are also organized for the students. Guest lectures and motivational speakers are a regular feature of our college. 3. Workshops: Workshops on educational skills, personality development and practical training in different areas. 4. Educational Tours: Visit to Educational/Historic places to enhance educational prudence of the students and broaden their knowledge base. 5. Industry Exposure: Industry field trips are organized for students to help them understand how the big industries and companies. The students get a real exposure to the work culture,tools and technologies used by various companies and industry. 6. Colleges adopts social issues and work towards solving it: Every year college adopts a social issue and works on it throughout the academic year. During the year, students work in the community to raise awareness and also find solution on local level. 7. Mentor System: Counseling and guidance session to help students in solving personal and academic problems. 8. Culture & Life-style at Dronacharya College: A unique blend of activities and enthralling events that builds your drive, self-initiative, enthusiasm and energy. Dronacharya College life style nurtures independence, value of freedom, self-discipline, self-responsibility and modern living. 9. Feedback and Teachers-Parents Interface: Tracking the progress of students through cumulative records and informing parents through student’s progress reports or by personal contact. 10. Preparing for competitive examination: With increasing competition among students, entrance examinations have become a transparent and dependable method. A professional approach has been taken while providing coaching to the candidates. 11. Emphasis on English language: The study of English language in this age of globalization is essential.Communicating in English is essential for one’s professional growth. So, we at Dronacharya , encourage to speak in English in campus which is mandatory for all. 12. Parent’s Engagement: We believe parents play an important role towards the overall development of a child, so from time to time we keep conducting parent’s teacher meetings and keep them updated through SMS, letter with our curriculum and system. 13. Action Research: Dronacharya College undertakes action research in educational, emotional, vocational problems as to facilitate better understanding of the students and their problems. 14. Research exposure: Practical pre-exposure for research work (Dissertation) through involvement in Social Work, Projects and Workshops etc.

Course Curriculum


Paper 1 Philosophical Foundations of Education

Paper 2 Psychology of Development and Learning

Paper 3 Methodology of Educational Research

Paper 4 Statistics in Education Reasearch


Paper 5 Historical and Sociological basis of Education

Paper 6 Political and Economic basis of Education

Paper 7 Teacher Education 1 (Institution, System and Structure in Teaching Education)

Paper 8 Introduction to Educational Studies

 Data Collection : Tool Development and Sampling


Paper 9 Teacher Education 2 (Curriculum Policy Practices and Continuing Professional Development )

Paper 10 Curriculum Studies

Paper 11 Life Skills Education

Paper 12 Educational Technology


Paper 13 Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment

Paper 14 Educational Administration, Management and Leadership

Paper 15 Principles and Procedure of Guidance and Counselling

Paper 16 Inclusive Education

Paper 17 Dissertation and Viva Voice (Compulsory)

Academic Work : Seminar, Workshop, Reporting, Writing Research Articles/Papers