Bachelor of Business Administration


The BBA program at Dronacharya College provides a strong foundation in core business disciplines, helping participants to acquire the key competencies needed by all business management students at an undergraduate level in a diverse field. The program is affiliated to HPU Shimla and was introduced in 2008 at our college.

Our Intensive BBA program focuses on enhancing the ability to communicate, analyze situations, present own views in front of a large audience, take decisions using quantitative and qualitative factors, and develop a holistic view of the different functional areas of business environment.The academic framework of the program includes several live industry projects, surveys of real life situations, intense industry internship, global immersion program and hands-on experience in the world of business.

Program Objective

The objective of the undergraduate program is to provide exposure to organizational working, to develop an understanding of the real corporate world, and to impart the learning of application of theoretical concepts. The efforts of our faculty help in developing a holistic view of different functional areas and business environment.


Through the BBA programs, students can pursue business education and learn skills that will help them pursue various management and administrative roles within a company. Employers may seek business administration graduates for a broad range of positions in different areas. Positions may include:

    • Operations manager
    • Information security officer
    • Sales manager
    • Loss prevention Manager
    • Cost estimator

For Admission

Department: Business Management

Course Commence In: June

Course Duration: 3 Years

Total Seats: 60

HOD: Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Phone: +91 94183 16847


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Bachelor of Business Administration

Teaching Methodology

Faculty members possess a blend of academic and professional experience which facilitates disseminating of knowledge to the students through both classroom sessions and independent student activities.
• Power Point Presentation
• Case Study, Group Discussion
• Semnar, Research Project

Course Curriculum

This programme has been a six semester regular programme spread over three academic years. The course structure is designed to impart knowledge of the core business management concepts and techniques in the first year which are thereafter upgraded to advance knowledge and practicing skills in the area of business / industry in the second year. In final year students learn and practice for industry experience and market experience as training and research project. Fee & Funds for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Rs.39,055.00 annually University Charges As per existing Rules of H.P University Hostel Fees Rs. 55,000 annually.


BBA 101 Environmental Science

BBA 102 Fundamental of Management and Organizational Behaviour

BBA 103 Statistics for Business Decisions

BBA 104 Entrepreneurship Development


BBA 201 Business Communication (Language : English / MIL)

BBA 202 Managerial Economics

BBA 203 Business Accounting

BBA 204 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


BBA 301(C) Macro Economics

BBA 302(C) Principles of Marketing

BBA 303(C) Management Accounting

BBA 304(E) India's Diversity & Business

BBA 305(SE) Personality Development & Communication Skills (Skill Enhancement Course-1)


BBA 401(C) Business Research

BBA 402(C) Human Resources Management

BBA 403(C) Financial Management

BBA 404(E) Tax Planning

BBA 405(SE) IT Tools in Business (Skill Enhancement Course-2)


BBA 501(C) Quantitative Techniques for Managment

BBA 502(C) Legal Aspects of Business

BBA 503(C) (DSE-I Finance) Investment Banking & Financial Services

OR (DSE-II Marketing) Consumer Behaviors

OR (DSE-III Human Resource) HRD: System & Strategies

OR (DSE-IV Management of Global Business) International Trade : Policies & Strategies

BBA 504 (DSE-I Finance) Investment Analysis & portfolio Management

OR (DSE-II Marketing) Retail Management

OR (DSE-III Human Resource) Training & Management Developments

OR (DSE-IV Management of Global Business) Global Business Environment


BBA 601(C) Business Policy & Strategy

BBA 602(C) Financial Institutions & Markets

BBA 603(C) (DSE-I Finance) Project Appraisal & Analysis

OR (DSE-II Marketing) Distribution and Supply Chain Management

OR (DSE-III Human Resource) Performance & Compensation Managements

OR (DSE-IV Management of Global Business) Multinational Finance

BBA 604 (DSE-I Finance) Project Report

OR (DSE-II Marketing) Project Report

OR (DSE-III Human Resource) Project Report

OR (DSE-IV Management of Global Business) Project Report