SWAT Club 2017-18


SWAT (Student Working on Advance Technology) Club is constituted to make students aware about the latest computer technologies .The club members learn various advanced IT related technologies.


The main objective of SWAT Club is to provide an opportunity for students to work together an interesting and challenging project in team environment.



 The Swat Club was formed on September 24, 2011 on the occasion of world corporate day.


Rules & regulations

  1. To be a member of the club, No money will be charged from any member of the club and other students.
  2. Club committee should be in proper uniform with ID cards at time of activities conducted by Club.
  3. Activities are proposed to be conducted in Seminar Hall of the college.
  4. All members of the Club and Teacher Coordinators should be present at time of meeting at least one week before the event to discuss the agenda points.
  5. Discipline is mandatory at the time of event.
  6. In absence of Teachers Coordinator, the Club President, Vice-President and all members of the club are responsible for overall performance of the event.
  7. The Teacher Coordinators, the Club President, Vice-President have to take approval from Management, Principal & HOD before organizing the activity of the club.
  8. The winners of each activity will be awarded in annual function of the college.
  9. The club President, Vice-President has to prepare activity report of club after the successful completion of each event and submit to the Teacher coordinators.
  10. To participate in club activities :-
  11. Participants should be from BBA Department.
  12. Students should be aware from the Objectives & Rules of the club.

Governing Body

Shivani Rana

Richa Puri

Prateek Kaushal

Club's Activities: