Constitution and By-Laws of Environmental Club


The purpose of the Environmental Club is to raise awareness on the issues of: pollution, conservation of resources, and promoting the green way of life. This year, our goal is to be GREEN. Giving Respect to the Environment, and to Envision a Natural world.

Article I:

We are the Environmental Club. We promote and raise awareness to issues regarding the Earth and its resources. Additionally, we are in charge of the CHS Organic Garden and the CHS Green House.

Article II:

The general requirements necessary for club membership is to attend each club meeting, actively participate with any events the club holds.

Article III:

The duties of officers are: To be at each of the club meeting and if possible, the activities that are hosted; To actively participate and help to club as much as possible; Spread and promote the club activities in general. The qualifications are to be friendly and respectful and to be available to the club as possible. Each of the terms of the officers is one year, and the positions are: President (or Co-President), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Art Reps. Additional position may be made if necessary.

Article IV:

The times for each regular meeting are Thursday, around the beginning of lunch time. The special meeting may be announced through the either the bulletin, or overhead announcements.

Article V:

The finances are organized by the treasurer and other officers necessary. The funds received from various bake sales will be deposited in the CHS Environmental Club account held at ASB. All funds withdrawn/deposited will be approved by the president(s) and the treasurer.

Article VI:

The process of amending the constitution will involve the necessary votes from the members and officers of the club. The vote required for amendments will require 3/4s of the members and at least half of the officers. In the case of a hung vote, the advisor may be called in to advice on the situation.



  • To motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean
  • To celebrate environment related days
  • To organize cleanliness drive in the nearby villages
  • To educate the students as well as to the community about reuse of waste material
  • To organize tree plantation programs
  • To organize awareness programs such as quiz, essay, painting competition, rallies, nuked natak etc. regarding various environmental issues
  • To sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw them in public places as they choke drains and sewers, causes water logging and provide breeding for mosquitoes.

Governing Body

Atul Rana

Rohit, Anuj Chodhary


Club's Activities: